Calculation and output


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Results overview

Kurt Bieri

Once the calculation has been performed, you can select the most important lighting engineering results for all the measurement ranges in the Result symbol bar 

and have these displayed. The full range of outputs for the tunnel are available in the Output bar.

Note: Whenever an output window is open, you can open the Properties window with the ALT-ENTER key combination, or with the right mouse button and the context menu. 

You can then make different adjustment to the outputs here.

The overview icon is used to show a results overview for each regulating step calculated. 

This contains a summary of all the calculated measurement ranges with all the relevant lighting engineering results.

Results overview

When the results overview is open, you can use the ALT-ENTER key combination to open the Properties window. 

You can now select with a tick which lighting engineering values are to be specified.

Properties window in the results overview

The output toolbar is used to output the calculated illuminances and luminance in table form for all the regulating steps that have been calculated.

Results table

You can use the  icon to have the luminance curve isoline shown on a graph for each regulating step calculated. 

The red curve is the target curve and the blue curve the actual curve.

Luminance curve

When the luminance curve is displayed, you can use the ALT-ENTER key combination to open the Properties window. 

You can now make various adjustments to the output, such as having the curve displayed on a logarithmic scale. 

You can also have the curve displayed in such a way that it starts just before the measurement range at the tunnel entrance. 

Deviations between actual curves and target curves can be shown in colour (with green signifying above the target curve and red below it). 

It is also possible to have all the luminance curves of the calculated regulating steps shown on a diagram.

Properties window of the luminance curve

The output toolbar is used for outputting the calculated illuminances and luminance, for all the regulating steps that have been calculated, on a diagram with pseudo colours.

Display in pseudo colours

Further outputs on the tunnel are available in the Output bar.

Under the project data, the data on the tunnel geometry and the calculation specifications are shown.

Output of the project data

In the luminaire list, all the data is given separately for the adaptation and interior zones and for the individual row of luminaires. 

Details are included of the luminaire types used, the overall number of luminaires, the system power and the flicker frequency (only with a constant luminaire spacing). 

The luminaire list contains the x-coordinates, the power step, the lamp luminous flux, the control group and the luminous fluxes in the individual regulating steps for all the luminaires.

Note: The calculated system power is based on the data for the installed power of the luminaires that have been read in and must be checked there to ensure that it is correct.

Output of the luminaire list