Dynamic planning


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Dynamic planning

Kurt Bieri

With the new ReluxDesktop 2017 lighting design becomes more dynamic and almost interactive. 

With every change of luminosity, positioning or number of the chosen luminaires, the result will be displayed immediately on the user surface, 

without starting a new lighting calculation every time. 

Working with Relux is getting even easier and more intuitive. Just click the dynamic planning icon in the main menu start to start the dynamic planning mode.  

The dynamic planning mode is developed and optimized for the fast calculation of interior or exterior scenes. 

At this moment only the direct part of the light is used in this mode. 

To be able to make printouts, a final calculation (radiosity, or raytracing) has to be done after you have optimised and finished your scene. 

Each selected measuring surface shows directly the illuminance distribution in false colors.

As well the results for this meaasuring surface are shown on the right side of the user interface.

All changes - like the change of the position of a luminaire - will immediately be shown in the result as well as in the false color table in the scene (figure above). 

The main menu Dyn. Planning offers in adition the option to show the luminance distribution (figure below).