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Can IFC files be imported into ReluxDesktop?

No, IFC files cannot be imported into ReluxDesktop.

Solution 1: 
1. Create a GBXML file of the building from your construction software and import it into ReluxDesktop under Import.

      This function is explained in detail in the Self-Study course ReluxInterior | Training.
      You can find more information about our online courses on our website

      Solution 2:
      If you are in possession of a full version of Revit, we recommend that you install our add-on ReluxCAD for Revit and purchase the licence ReluxCAD for Revit in our online shop.

      With the ReluxCAD for Revit add-on, you receive a powerful tool to carry out lighting design based on the Radiosity method directly in your Revit model, or to transfer the model to ReluxDesktop via the export/import functions.

      Please note that after installing ReluxCAD for Revit, you can test the licence for 30 days free of charge.