General settings and user interface


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Installation handling

Kurt Bieri

ReluxCAD is part of the ReluxDesktop package and will be automatically installed with it.

You require administrator rights, i.e. full access to all the system settings, in order to install the program under Windows 8/Windows 10.

Attention:  Please note that for new AutoCAD installation, AutoCAD must be started at least once for the concerned user for AutoCAD to complete its installation. 

Only then can ReluxCAD be activated. A one-time start and activation of ReluxDesktop is also very helpful.

The installation program now displays a window for you to select the desired version(s) of AutoCAD if several AutoCAD Versions are installed on the computer.

The button “Activate ReluxCAD” runs the application and starts AutoCAD.

Hint: The activation only needs to be done once. From then on ReluxCAD will be loaded every time AutoCAD will be started until it will be deactivated with the button “Remove”

(The deactivation can also be done in the ReluxCAD About Box.)The next dialog prompts you to enter your licence number. 

If you do not have a licence number, you can use the demo licence and test the program for 30 days. The program will install automatically in the existing Relux directory.

After starting AutoCAD, you will see an additional menu and two toolbars. A number of systems will not display this menu automatically, however. 

In this case, you should use the AutoCAD command Tools -> Customize -> Menus to have the menu shown on the screen again.

If you want to install the menu files manually you can install the Relux configuration file: %APPDATA%\Relux Informatik AG\ReluxDesktop\ReluxCAD\Support according to Autodesk instructions.

Hint: Typing the command „RLXT1“ in AutoCAD automates the loading of the partial menu-files and helps, in most cases, when there is a problem with displaying the menus.