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Groups - general

Kurt Bieri

Parametric groups

These commands are used for regular arrays of luminaires and objects. 

In most cases, the positioning process is conducted on the basis of a room, a measuring area or a line.

It should be noted that individual objects can be moved within a group but will jump back to their starting position if the group parameters are adjusted.

Free groups

Parametric groups can be changed into a so-called "free group" at any time. 

This enables the array to be altered in a flexible manner and allows individual displacements to be retained.



A free group can combine highly different objects. In this way, the bodies used can be given their own individual arrangement.



Boolean groups

To create complex shapes and structures, it is possible to compile the desired geometry using Boolean functions. Objects with the same properties can supplement or eliminate each other and ultimately form a unit.


Break group

Groups that have been created can be broken up again at any time. If the group is locked () it must first be unlocked before it can be edited.


into an individual object

The link to a group can be eliminated with the "Break group" command. This will give individual objects.



into a 3D object

With the "Create furniture" command, objects that have been grouped together and which have the same properties will be converted into an item of furniture.

These 3D objects are saved under "Own objects".