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Move or rotate objects

Kurt Bieri

General: moving and rotating objects works consistently in the same way in both the floor plan and the 3D view.

Shows a selected cube in a scene


Selected cube with activated handle

Cube with the active handle moved 0.5 m in the z-direction. 

Basic operation “move” and “rotate” in the toolbar.

Just click on an object in your current scene to select it.

As soon as the mouse pointer approaches the coordinate system (the x, y and z-axis as well as the square areas between the axes), its initial colour changes to yellow.

The colour of the handle will change from yellow to orange, and you can move the object around without keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Press "Esc" to leave this command.

The advantages are as follows:

  • The movements of objects are more convenient without keeping the left mouse button pressed.
  • During this movement operation for the objects it is possible to change settings such as the placing grid, etc.
  • An operation can be started in one window (e.g. floor plan) and finished in another window (e.g. 3D view).
  • The viewpoint can be changed during this operation (you can rotate, pan and zoom the view).
  • Move, rotate and scale are the most important operations for constructing a scene. You will find them in the menu “Start“.
  • They all have special handles and a specific mouse pointer which you can see in the following picture. 

Handles and cursors for certain operations (photomontage). From left to right: move object, rotate object, scale object.