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Add further CAD drawing to a scene

Kurt Bieri

A scene in your Relux Project can contain more than one CAD drawing,

for example a floor plan and a section. 

You should thus move your mouse pointer to "Wall 1" in the "Project" bar and click it with your right mouse button. 

The context menu will open. Please select "Assign working plane". After this step, you can turn the working plane through 180°.

Note: The origin of a working plane for walls is usually in the left hand corner (view from inside the room).

Open the “Raster properties” menu and set an appropriate placing grid for the following steps (0.1m). 

The next step is the import of a second CAD section to our scene.

Select "Import – CAD Plan" and implement the following steps as before. In the ReluxDesktop program directory 

(..\Program Files\ReluxDesktop\examples) you will find some sample CAD drawings (Profile-UG-EFH.dwg).

Selecting a file

Setting the drawing units

Define the rotation of the plan

Set the origin point and click the “Determine” button. Just click on the origin and after a successful import you should see the drawing as follows.

3D View

In the article "Construct a scene from a CAD plan" and this one we have shown single-scene projects. 

But it is also possible to construct a whole building. Please refer to our prepared building and open the file “example3.rdf“.