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Importing Relux projects into AutoCAD

Kurt Bieri

For presentations, it is possible to incorporate the 3D structures from a Relux project into an AutoCAD plan. 

To do this, select the Import 3D project command from the Relux menu or from the toolbar.

Import Relux project

You can now select a Relux project file in the dialog that opens. 

The object groups to be imported can be specified by means of the options shown (room structure, furniture, luminaires) 

as well as the name of the layer on which these are to be inserted.

Note: you can only use files from the latest Relux 2017 version

You should convert older projects by first opening these in Relux and then saving them again.

If there are several scenes available in the Relux project, you can use Current scene to select the one that is required.

The insertion point for the scenario can be selected with Select insertion point.

Instead of selecting a file, you can click on Select room to select an already-defined room (see Chapter entitled “Create room”). 

In this case, the Relux file allocated to the room is used.

After the Insert command, has been selected, the project will be inserted in accordance with the specifications.

Note: If you import indoor rooms with the room structures (floor, ceiling, walls), these will block your view of the objects in the room in the shaded AutoCAD presentation. 

In this case, you should deactivate the corresponding layer or delete individual room surfaces (e.g. the ceiling) so as to gain a view of the room.

There is no link to the Relux project at present. If you wish to update a scene, for example, you must first manually delete the inserted elements 

in AutoCAD and then re-insert the project.

Some examples:

Import of a complete room from Relux into an AutoCAD environment:

View of results if an imported objet scene

Import of one or more luminaires into AutoCAD:

Sample light fixture from Relux demo database in