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Interface to ReluxDesktop

Kurt Bieri

This interface makes it possible to export Revit projects in the form of Relux projects and also to import the positioned products from Relux projects into a Revit project.

It must, however, be borne in mind that at the moment it is only possible to import projects that have previously been exported from the same Revit project.

ReluxDesktop 2018.2.0.0 or higher is required in order to process the exported Relux projects.


When a Revit project is exported, a new Relux project is created in each case. 

This contains not only the room geometry but also all the elements selected in the options. 

It should be borne in mind that, if the Revit project is exported again, the entire Relux project and any changes made in it will be overwritten.

To prevent this from happening, it is also possible to just update the luminaires and sensors in a project that has already been exported. 

The changes made to the Relux project will then be kept but changes in the Revit building model will not be transferred to the Relux project.

Interior scenes

To export interior scenes, room elements must be available. In the AddIn ribbon it is possible to specify whether Architecture or MEP rooms are to be exported.

Either individual rooms, storeys or the entire building can be exported from the Revit model.

Insofar as the room-bounding elements are in the model that is to be exported, the windows and doors and also the curtain wall window panels will be exported. 

In addition, the reflectances from the materials can be calculated. It is, however, also possible to define individual reflectances or use standard values.

With linked models, only the room dimensions are exported at the moment. If a use profile has been allocated to the room element, this will similarly be transferred to the Relux project.

Export options

Exterior project

The complete Revit model can be exported as an exterior project. Two modes are available for this.

Mode 1:                              Only the key elements are taken into account with this type of export. 

                                            At the moment this includes the following Revit categories: topography, 

                                            walls, roofs, plants, parking spaces, generic family instances.

Mode 2: (extended):          This mode includes all the family instances insofar as an insertion point 

                                            can be allocated to them.

Linked models cannot be exported as exterior projects at the moment.

Extended options

The following options can only be applied if the elements are in the project that is to be exported.

Luminaires:                                  All the positioned lighting fixtures that have been downloaded from ReluxNet are 

                                                 exported in their entirety into the Relux project. It must, however, be borne in mind 

                                                 that changes to their geometry or photometry will not be transferred. 

                                                 Only changes made with the configurator contained in the AddIn will be transferred.

Individual luminaires:                 This option can be used to export lighting fixtures from sources other than ReluxNet too.

                                                      It must, however, be borne in mind that these must contain an LDC file (IES) and the light 

                                                      source must be defined at the topmost Family level (no nested families). 

                                                      If this is the case, the LDC file will be transferred to ReluxDesktop but without the Revit geometry. 

                                                      The geometry will be generated from the dimensions contained in the LDC.                                                                                                                             If the luminaire does not contain an LDC, only a placeholder type without photometry 

                                                      will be created in the Relux project.

Sensors:                                      Since no sensor category exists in Revit itself, only sensors from ReluxNet can 

                                                      be exported and imported.

Architecture elements:               Elements from the categories of columns, stairs and rails can be exported from Revit.

Furniture:                                     Elements from the furniture category are exported as a 3D object.

Combining window elements:   With this option, all the curtain wall panels are combined to form a window. 

                                                      This boosts the performance of ReluxDesktop but does lead to slight inaccuracies 

                                                      in daylight calculations, since the bars between the individual window elements are missing.    


This function is used to import lighting and sensor plans from ReluxDesktop into the Revit project.

It should be borne in mind that, at the moment, it is only possible to import scenes that have previously been exported from this same Revit project. 

The scenes available for import are shown in the list. During import operations, only luminaires and sensors are transferred and not changes in the building model.

So far, no calculation results have been imported either, but the documentation can be printed or saved from ReluxDesktop.

Import options

Remove existing Relux luminaires:         Prior to import, this removes all the ReluxNet luminaires in the Revit model from the rooms that are to be imported.

                                                                     This ensures that the lighting in the Revit project corresponds to the lighting planning in the Relux project.

Remove all existing luminaires:               This option removes not only all the Relux luminaires but also all the lighting fixtures from other sources.

Import exterior project:                             If the Revit project has previously been exported as an exterior project, there is also the option of similarly importing the lighting fixtures and sensors from this.