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Single licence activation

Basile Schlegel

With the installation of ReluxDesktop or ReluxCAD for Revit, the CodeMeter User Runtime that manages the license is already installed on your computer.

Activating the licence
You need an Internet connection to activate the purchased license.
Open the website and enter the 25 character license code you received in your confirmation email under "Ticket".

Press Activate Licenses…

…and select the USB hardlock image if you want to activate the license on the Relux USB hardlock, or select the document if you want to have the license computer-bound.
If the license needs to be installed on the Relux USB Hardlock, make sure it is now plugged into your computer.

A container is automatically provided for the activation of the license.

The single license will be activated within the next few minutes. Then confirm with OK.
Close the website and open ReluxDesktop, where the license can now be seen under Licenses.

The entire activation process of the single license can be watched in the following tutorial starting at 1:16.