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Luminous intensity points

Kurt Bieri

Luminous intensity points offer you the opportunity to determine the luminous intensity of each luminaire that is emitted in the direction of the observer.

The luminous intensity indicates the luminous flux in candelas expressed in terms of the spatial angle

The following parameters can be set for the luminous intensity point:

Maximum luminous intensity: this value is given in kilocandelas (kcd) and sets a maximum limit so that luminaires that exceed this luminous intensity value can be

marked accordingly.

Ignore luminaire geometry: if this checkbox is activated, the shadow cast by the luminaire geometries will not be taken into account when calculating the luminous intensity.

If one of these parameters is changed, the luminous intensity points and luminaire lists will be displayed in the results bar. All luminaires that exceed the maximum luminous intensit

will be marked in red.

Result for the luminous intensity points

The output for the luminous intensity points can be opened in the output tree under "Scene/Description/Luminous intensity points". Both the position and the luminous intensity of each 

uminaire is  shown in the output. You can limit the number of list entries with a right click on "Properties".

Output for luminous intensity point