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Pedestrian crossing

Kurt Bieri

Various national guidelines specify that a special calculation raster is required for the evaluation of pedestrian crossings. Relux provides a special measuring surface for this purpose which is rastered and calculated in accordance with these guidelines. At the moment, the following guidelines are directly supported in Version 2018.1:

DIN 67523-1 / 2 06:2010

prSLG 202:2016

To add a new measuring surface for pedestrian crossings, go to “Insert/Measuring object/Pedestrian crossing“. You can make your entry with four clicks of the mouse

1-2 defines the length of the pedestrian crossing and the longitudinal direction of the road

2-3 defines the width of the road

3-4 width of the waiting area, this is added on both sides of the pedestrian crossing.

For the object properties, it is possible to set the specific properties and the type of evaluation in accordance with the guidelines.

The outputs show a tabular result aligned to the specific properties.