Planning in ReluxCAD


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Step 4: Draw a scene in ReluxCAD

Kurt Bieri

Use the Draw room command to define a closed polyline corresponding to the Relux room that is to be calculated.

You can select the corner points in an AutoCAD drawing by:

  • clicking on them manually with the mouse or entering the coordinates
  • selecting an existing polyline (automatic).

Draw a room

Note: the “automatic” function is particularly helpful for entering rooms with a curved contour.

After you have entered the contour of the scene in this way, the following dialog will appear:

Create/edit scene after drawing room

You can now enter further details for your scene:


the scene name

Use settings from

If scenes have already been entered, it is possible to adopt the settings that have already been made, such as wall materials, from these scenes.

Scene type

Here you can specify whether you wish to have an indoor room or an outdoor scene. In the case of an indoor room, you can also enter the room height.

Align scene

The dialog disappears and the AutoCAD command line prompts you to define the positive X-axis for your scene.

This makes it easier for you to process scenes in Relux that are rotated in the world coordinates system.

Positive X-axis scene

AutoCAD selected room opened into Relux

You can use this option to correct any errors made during the initial entry.

By pressing the Relux...button, you can switch to the Relux program in order to check your inputs or allocate material to the room surfaces.

Alternatively, you can quit the dialog by pressing OK and then define further scenes or add other design elements to the scene.