Planning in ReluxCAD


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Step 5: Draw scene objects in ReluxCAD

Kurt Bieri

The Draw Objects command prompts you to select the scene. This can still be modified in the dialog if necessary.

If required, you can enter an appropriate designation under “Name”.

Under “Object type”, select the desired type:

  • doors
  • windows
  • cubes
  • measuring area

Add elements Menu

The input options will adapt as a function of the type in question (window: window-breast height/Height....).

You should now select the button with the arrow and follow the instructions in the command line.

In the case of a window, for instance, you will be prompted to enter the starting and end point of the window on the plan.

You can draw a number of objects without having to close the dialog. The Relux..command will take you into Relux where you can check the result. 

If an object has been entered incorrectly, it has to be deleted manually in Relux.

Note: wall elements (windows/doors) do not have to be directly in the wall. The selected points will be automatically projected into the wall.