Planning in ReluxCAD


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Step 8: Insert parts list

Kurt Bieri

When you have planned all the rooms that are required, you can compile a table of all the luminaires installed in the CAD plan with the Parts list command.

Select the Parts list command from the ReluxCAD toolbar. The Configure parts list dialog window will now appear.

Select the text style that you would like to use in the parts list. Enter the desired height for the text on the printout.

Specify the plot scale that you have planned for this drawing. The parts list will then automatically be scaled in such a way that its width fits onto an A4 sheet. 

The parts list can thus be readily placed above the planning header.

If you activate the list only placed luminaires control box, all the luminaires available in the room concerned will be listed. 

If this control box is deactivated, then luminaires that have been selected but not yet positioned in the room will similarly be included in the list.

Menu display after part list selection.

You can define the column width for the parts list via Extended.

Extended menu of configure part list

The specified widths/heights are scaled by the program in such a way that, when the plan is plotted on the specified scale, 

the parts list will be the size of the specified values in millimetres.

It is not possible to change the contents and number of columns at present.

Parts list showed into AutoCAD scene