Planning in ReluxTunnel


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Entering the tunnel details

Kurt Bieri

The details of the tunnel geometry and the calculation parameters can be entered in the Tunnel bar (properties)

Tunnel bar (properties)

Tunnel Geometry

The tunnel cross-section can be set as rectangular or a semi-circle in the Shape input field.

Select tunnel cross-section

In ReluxTunnel, a distinction is drawn between Length and Length total. 

The actual length of the tunnel is entered in the "Length total" input field, while the "Length input" field shows the tunnel length displayed in the program. 

For the sake of clarity, it does not make sense to display very long tunnels in their entirety, since after the adaptation lighting, 

only the interior luminaires are located inside the tunnel, with a constant spacing. 

The value for Length is calculated automatically (twice the length of the threshold zone plus the length of the transition zone) and is thus displayed with a grey background. 

In line with the default, the value is 300 m to begin with and is recalculated and displayed after "Speed" and "Luminance L" have been entered under Calculation specifications. 

If the real tunnel is shorter than the one that is calculated automatically, the value entered for Length total will be entered in the Length input field. 

If you wish to determine the length of tunnel displayed yourself, you should click on the "settings" icon and, 

under "General settings", remove the tick against "Calculate the length of the model automatically"

Following this, the Length input field will no longer be shown with a grey background, and you can enter a value of your own.

The automatic calculation of the length of the model has been deactivated

The height of the tunnel (underside of the tunnel ceiling) is entered under "Height total".


For the roadway, it is possible to enter the width, the number of lanes, the width of an emergency lane (if available) to the right of the roadway, 

and the properties of the roadway covering (R table and q0).

Input options for the roadway


For the right and left tunnel wall, it is possible to enter the width and height of the footpath, the height of the wall to be calculated and the diffuse reflectance of the wall.

Input options for the tunnel walls

The inputs for the tunnel geometry can be readily observed and checked in the 3D display.


Normal view (left) and wire frame view (right)