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Establishing the tunnel class to SLG 201

Kurt Bieri

In the Tunnel ribbon bar you can click on the icon "Tunnel class", and the Options window will open with "Calculate the class of the tunnel"

By entering certain parameters, it is possible to establish the tunnel class as per SLG 201. 

The details of the tunnel length, speed and number of lanes are automatically taken from the tunnel geometry entries. 

The other parameters have to be entered in order to establish a tunnel class for the threshold and interior zones and the resultant lighting engineering requirements 

(luminance, uniformity, threshold increment) and to have these displayed on the right.

Establishing the tunnel class as per SLG 201

If inadmissible parameters (an excessively low or excessively high speed) are entered, then no values will be shown on the right, 

and the fields will switch from green to red.

Inadmissible parameter entry

Note: The lighting engineering requirements established in accordance with SLG 201 are valid for Switzerland. Other standards apply in other countries.