Planning in ReluxTunnel


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Regulating steps

Kurt Bieri

After selecting the luminaires, or when the regulating steps dialog is opened for the first time, the Configure luminaire controlling window will appear automatically. 

Here, you can select the kind of control and the number of regulating steps for the adaptation and interior lighting. Relux Tunnel currently supports three control types.

  • Switch (On/Off)
  • Switch (On/50%/Off)
  • Free dimming (cannot be selected, since not relevant for the calculation)

Specifying the regulating steps and control groups

After the desired parameters have been entered, you should close the window with the OK button. The Options window with the Regulating steps dialog will then open.

Specifying the regulating steps

Here, you can specify the luminous fluxes of the luminaires for the individual regulating steps, as a function of what has been specified (100%, 50% or off), 

or you can enter individual values in the field.


Determining the luminous flux in line with the specified value (left) or individually (right)

The particular regulating step to be calculated is determined by placing a tick in the Calculate line. 

Once the desired parameters have been entered, the window is closed with the OK button, and a row of luminaires will be placed automatically. 

This will be shown as Group 1 in the Scene bar (project) and also in the ReluxTunnel ribbon bar and will additionally be visible on the floor plan or in the 3D view.

At a subsequent point in time, the  icon can be used to open the Options window and the Regulating steps dialog directly in the Tunnel bar. 

You can use the Configure button to open the Configure luminaire controlling window.

Note: A control group can contain different types of luminaire. You will see which luminaire type in a control group is mounted at which point 

from the “Luminaire list” once the calculation has been performed.

Luminaire list and control groups