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ReluxNet - The search machine for luminaires and sensors

Kurt Bieri


Now you can select luminaires, lamps and sensors and gather details of their characteristics. 

You can share this knowledge with your colleagues and continue to use it for planning lighting systems in various programs. 

For this, you can use any type of media such as your PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

100 international manufacturers provide you with approximately 1 million lights, 2,000 lamps and 1,000 sensors in uniformly illustrated form.

This is made possible by selecting the criteria appropriate for you. For example, you select the interior, an assembling arrangement, ceiling, etc. 

and you will notice how the range of offers gets reduced in steps until you have found your optimal project luminaire inclusive BIM information. 

On the right at the top edge of the page you can register for free, for example, to create your own lists of favourites. 

Also you can import any lighting files (Eulumdat, IES) and create your own data sheets for these products.

Step 1: Enter email address

Step 2: Set a password

Step 3: Receive your confirmation mail and confirm registration with ReluxNet. Done.

Optionally, you can also invite your colleagues to share the products you have created and manage. This saves time and creates synergies.  

 Account administration

Invite new users to share the products you have created and manage them.

Selecting a desired luminaire is very simple with ReluxNet. 

Simply by making a rough selection of the product criteria (lighting system, lamp, sensor manufacturers, interior lights, etc.) 

you will receive initial suggestions through ReluxNet. 

You can fine tune this choice by other criteria (type of mounting, shape, type of lamp, ballast devices, sockets, etc.) 

until you narrow down to a small selection of lamps which match your requirements.

You can check the photometric properties of these luminaires directly in ReluxNet and create a first calculation of light. 

Click on Configure to calculate the number of luminaires. 

It requires only a few specifications from you (spatial dimension, working plane, maintenance factor) and ReluxNet will list the results. 

By clicking on Open in ReluxDesktop (previous figure) pass on directly by a Drag & Drop action the selected luminaire to ReluxDesktop to do a detailed technical planning.

Optionally, you can also download the luminaire data as ldt-, ies-, RFA- (BIM), or dwg file. This saves time and creates synergies.  

If necessary, you have several ways to manage the lights you have found:

  1. Apply the selected luminaire to your Favourites
  2. Create and print a data sheet for the luminaire
  3. Compare the selected luminaire with other products
  4. Overview of luminaires to be compared

 Overview of a luminaire

Overview of favourites

Data sheet

Comparing products

Under the heading own products we have set up enough space for you to import data from other manufacturers. The procedure comprises two simple steps:

Step 1: Select photometric data (ldt, ies) and upload

Step 2: Insert and save Product photo, sketch, and product text

Now you will find the lamp you have created shown in the overview of own products where there is still plenty of space for additional lamps.

Creating own products

Upload photometric data (ldt, ies)

Insert product photo, sketch and product text

Overview of own products