ReluxEnergyCH for ReluxDesktop - SIA 387/4


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Getting started with ReluxEnergyCH

Kurt Bieri

ReluxEnergy CH calculates the energy requirements of the lighting as per SIA Standard "Electrical Energy in Buildings"

It is possible to choose between SIA Limit Value, SIA Target Value, MINERGIE® and, now, Effelux for providing proof. 

In addition, by using ReluxEnergy CH, it is possible to calculate the daylight fulfilment rate for MINERGIE-ECO®. 

If a non-licensed test version of ReluxEnergy CH is started, the following dialog will appear, offering you three options (see left-hand Fig. below):

Testen (Test): ReluxEnergy CH can be tested for an unlimited period of time. The test version contains all the functions except for the saving and printing functions.

Kaufen (Purchase): If you do not yet have a licence, click on Kaufen in order to go straight to the Relux Webshop. There you can purchase the desired licence.

Lizenz aktivieren (Activate licence): If you have already acquired a licence and received an activation number from Relux Informatik AG you can now activate your licence.

Click on Lizenz aktivieren to start the licence activation assistant. With a click on Testen a further dialog will open (see top right-hand Fig.), in which we can now set up a new project with Neues Projekt.

As soon as a project has been opened, the form bar with six buttons becomes available. These individual forms guide us through the project.

1. Projektangaben (Project details)

2. Typische Räume (Typical rooms)

3. Leuchten (Luminaires)

4. Raumbuch (Room book)

5. Nachweis (Proof)

6. Drucken (Print)