ReluxEnergyCH for ReluxDesktop - SIA 387/4


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Step 2: Configuring the typical rooms

Kurt Bieri

A typical room stands for a number of rooms in a building that have the same use and comparable room parameters. 

To import a relux project in order to save time, click on the "Import a relux project"  symbol

Calling this up starts the file selection dialog which is used to search for and adopt the corresponding files with the ending *.rdf

In an additional selection menu, it is possible to specify which rooms are to be adopted from a Relux project. 

In general, all scenes (rooms) can be imported, but here it makes sense to import the specific room types (e.g 40 rooms in a project, whereas 20 of them are identical). 

By selecting OK you can now insert all the rooms from the Relux project into ReluxEnergyCH.

Note: Alternatively, you can find this dialog by calling up the menu: Extras - Relux Projekt importieren (import Relux project). The key combination Ctrl + I will also open the dialog.

When the rooms are imported from ReluxDesktop, a typischer Raum (typical room) – Form 2 – and an entry in the Raumbuch (room book) – Form 4 – will automatically be created. 

At the same time, the Leuchten (luminaires) will also be included in the luminaires list – Form 3. 

All the information taken over from Relux will be marked with the symbol

The Pflichtfeld Standardnutzung (compulsory box for 'standard use') contains the standard uses as per SIA Information Sheet 2024. 

The standard uses are allocated a fixed Beleuchtungsstärke (illuminance) and Nutzungsstunden (hours of use).

Allocate the Standardnutzung (standard use) to the individual rooms, as shown on the lower Fig. above.