ReluxEnergyCH for ReluxDesktop - SIA 387/4


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Step 4: Room book

Kurt Bieri

All the rooms in the building are captured in the room book and typical rooms allocated as per step 2, and luminaire types allocated as described in step 3

Any desired designation can be selected for the Name (name), Raumnummer (room number) and Stockwerk (storey).

For each room, the spezifische Leistung (specific power) and the Projekt- (project) and

Anforderungswertwert (specified value) – as per the selection in step 1: sia-Limit Value, sia-Target Value, MINERGIE® or Effeled – in kWh/m² are calculated automatically. 

The red or green dot in the first column shows whether the requirement is met for the room or not.

In our case, there is a need for optimisation in Raum 1 (room 1) and Raum 4 (room 4). Go back to step 2 "Typische Räume" (Form 2, Typical rooms).

Using a contemporary lighting control system, the absolute electricity consumption of the lighting installation can be aligned to the conditions of use and the daylight conditions. 


  1. Tageslichtregelung: Konstantlicht (Daylight control system: constant light)
  2. Präsenzmelder: auto off (Presence detector: auto off)

Back in the room book, it is clear that the Minergie Anforderungswertwert (requirement value) is not exceeded in any of the rooms.