ReluxEnergyCH for ReluxDesktop - SIA 387/4


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Step 5 and 6: Verify the energy requirements and print the certificate

Kurt Bieri

After entering all the essential project data switch to step 5 to view a clear summary.

After verifying that the project fulfills the energy requirements you may proceed to step 6 to print it.

The entire certificate comprises at least six tables – step 2 is depicted in two tables for space reasons. 

If the room book contains a large number of rooms, the overall certificate will automatically contain more than six pages.

The tables can be printed on any desired printer or saved as a pdf file.

For the certificate to be valid, it must be signed on the first page. 

With a signature, the planner confirms that the details they have provided are correct to the best of their knowledge. 

In the case of Minergie projects, the planner accepts the MINERGIE® licence conditions (see