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Kurt Bieri

Between the camera positions, the path that the camera follows is set automatically. By way of a default, the Akima interpolation is used for the path.

This interpolation can also be switched. To do this, select one of the three interpolation functions in the context menu for the animation node in the scene tree:

Linear interpolation

The simplest type of interpolation. This connects points by means of a line. The values between the points are established on a linear basis. 

This generally causes a jolt at the point where the photo is taken.

Cubic interpolation

This interpolation leads to a soft curve between the points. It guarantees a smooth and jolt-free profile. There can, however, be considerable deviations from the direct link between the photo points.

Akima interpolation

This interpolation type similarly creates a soft curve between the points. The Akima curve remains closer to the direct link, however, than the cubic interpolation.