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Introduction to ReluxMovie module

Kurt Bieri

Films can be generated in a particularly easy manner with the animation module in ReluxDesktop. 

For this, you simply require the “Animation” toolbar and the animation bar. 

You can have these displayed or hidden via the Window-Animation Bar and Window-Symbol Bar-Animation menus.

“Animation” toolbar

When a new camera position is set, the position of the camera on the time axis is established automatically on the basis of the specified speed. 

The positions are shown on the time axis with the symbol.

The positions on the time axis can be changed manually. To do this, you should move the controller (black bar), either with the mouse or with the command, 

until it is close to a camera position and this changes its colour to red.  

Keeping the Ctrl key and the left mouse button pressed in the black area, you can now move the camera position on the time axis.

If you additionally press Shift, all the subsequent camera positions will similarly be moved.

A new camera position on the time axis will overwrite an existing camera position.

The duration of an animation is automatically set at 30 seconds. This can be changed in the properties of the animation in question.

There are two ways of showing the time: the number of pictures (1 B., 2 B., …) or in hours, minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss:ff, SMPTE timecode). 

The setting for this can be made under the Extras –> Options –> General Settings menu, under the Animation units in SMPTE Timecode option.