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Maintaining the observer height and editing the animation path

Kurt Bieri

In order to maintain the observer height when the different camera positions are set, a useful key shortcut has been introduced for operation via the mouse and the keyboard. 

As long as you keep the Alt key pressed, the current observer height will be maintained.

In the 2D and 3D View, the trajectory of the camera between the individual camera positions is shown as a dotted blue/orange path. 

Each section of line represents a picture. In the Floor Plan View and all other 3D Views, the camera travels along this path when the animation is played.

By clicking on the path, the individual camera positions are shown as blue squares. These squares can be selected and the camera position changed or deleted.

An animation path of this type can be copied, moved and rotated in the same way as an object.

Animation path

The program allows more than one animation to be conducted within a scene.

When you click on one of the camera positions (blue squares) in the 3D View, Relux shows one or other of the animation paths in the “Animation” toolbar.

The 3D camera symbol is shown in red if the associated animation is active. For non-active animations, the 3D camera symbols are shown with blue lines. 

These are red if the animation is active.