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Create a road project

Kurt Bieri

ReluxDesktop allows you to calculate road lighting projects according to EN 13201:2015. 

Therefore, you can start ReluxDesktop and open a new Road project.

In the next step type suitable text into the fields in the dialog Enter project data. Close the dialog with OK.

Click on the icon Luminaire row to select a new luminaire. The first step in designing a road lighting is usually to choose the luminaires. 

Select Relux Demo as a manufacturer, for example.

You can use the tabs Local or, if you are connected to Internet, Online. You have various possibilities of selecting your luminaire types. 

Also offers a wide range of products and is – by the way – always inclusive BIM information, always up to date.

If you know the Item number you can mark the first item and the type the number.

This time, open the list Product group and select Outdoor. The list with Items numbers will be obviously reduced. 

Select the product of your choice and select Add and then confirm with your selection with OK.

Now a row of six luminaires will be placed in a default way. After clicking onto the tab Project on the left hand side doubleclick on the road. 

This will open the properties of this project (next figure). 

In this properties window you can define: 

  • the road layout (Project name, Surface, Road layout) 
  • the row of luminaires (Luminaire type, Maintenance factor, Type, Overhang, Photometric centre height, Distance between luminaires, Tilt, Orientation and Head Style) 
  • the oadway (Lighting classes, Width, Central reservation, Covering, material, Lanes). 

You can change all parameters as desired. Please click now to: Lighting classes. The following window will open.

The figure above shows all Lighting classes that you can select as of EN 13201:2015. In this case you can select M4 as a typical class. Click OK.

If you open the results overview on the right side, you will see the calculated results of your project according to the EN 13201:2015. 

Green Fill: the required value was achieved for this scene. 

Red Fill: the value accoding the EN 13201:2015 was not achieved for this scene. 

You can optimise you project in the following two ways to achieve the norm:


The first option is to open the Road manager to change parameters like luminaire type, the overhang, the distance between luminaires, the photometric centre height manually. 

The results are changed immediately. In this Road manager you can compare as well two or more concepts for your road in a very convenient way.

The second option is to optimise your project automatically with the options shown in the figure above 

(Overhang, Photometric centre height, Distance between luminaires, Tilt, Type). 

The results are shown in the Results tab immediately. As well you can open the result overview on the lower right side (small icon). 

After the calculation you are able to examine different pages with results.

On this page with result overview it is easy to see how the result stands againts the values in the norm.

If you are satisfied with your lighting solution you can open the Print manager. Here it is possible to preview your printout. 

You can also select which output pages should be printed. It is possible to print it directly but also to create a pdf file.